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Baby Sleep

Posted by State of BabY Staff on

Hi all,

In this new post we are going to share some tips about baby sleep.

When It comes to baby sleep, there is no magic key we could press that helps us get the results we need instantly.

Long waking nights await ahead of you and the most powerful tool you could use is:  patience!

In the meanwhile we recommend the following tips to help you through the night:

1°) Make sure your baby's room is acclimatized correctly:

  1. Temperature should not be higher than 24 degrees Celsius. During the day the temperature should be between 21-24 during the day when the baby is active. During the night when the baby is wearing his pajamas and all covered with blankets, the temperature in the bedroom should be between 18- 20 degrees Celsius. If the room is too cold or too hot, your baby could have trouble sleeping and this could interfere in his sleep quality.
  2. Use a humidifier to help your baby breathe better when the environment is too dry.
  3. Play calm and relaxing music when bedtime comes: This way your baby will end up relating the music with bedtime.

With this option you will turn your bedroom into a relaxing spa and have a high chance that your baby will fall asleep and if not, you could always enjoy this environment.

2°) Use a Pacifier: When your baby is older than 3 weeks old, you could offer him/her a Pacifier to relax and help him sleep through the night.

3°)Remove baby's gas after feeding: Once you have fed your baby you have to make sure that he has no gas that could interfere with his sleep. So you have to hold him in a vertical position and pat at his back a few times (without shaking him).

4°) When your baby is one year old you could give him a Teddy so he could attach to it and comfort him when he wakes up in the middle of the night reaching for you.This way he could bond to this special Teddy or blanket or his favourite toy and learn to be independent and sleep through the night.

5°) Take shifts: A really useful advice for all new parents is to make shifts with your partner so you make sure that each one of you gets a proper daily sleep.

This is what saved my husband and I from going crazy. 

All new parents face the first days with a new borned with enthusiasm and energy so they don't really notice the nights without sleeping. But the days go by and the lack of sleep begins to kick in our brain. This is when you begin to feel dizzy, grumpy, tired and lose your nerves easily. 

When that time came we realized that the only way we were ever gonna survive that situation was: Taking shifts! ( Divide to conquer). A newborn baby wakes up every 3 hours at night ( if you are lucky), some of them wake up every 45 min), so se make sure the baby was fed when we set the clock and one of us stayed with the baby for 6 hours ( feeding him once after 3 hours) and the other one went to sleep and recover. 

If you are the mom and you are breastfeeding your baby, you will have to pump some milk out of your breast so you could sleep more than 3 hours and  so your partner could feed him.

After all of these tips please bear in mind that every baby is different and there is no handbook that we could follow precisely for all babies. 

Below you will find the average sleeping hours that babies sleep the first 3 years of their lives. Please bear in mind this figures should be used as a guidance, because every baby is different: 

-Babies between 0 to 3 weeks sleep between 16 to 18 hours a day

-Babies between 3 weeks to 6 weeks sleep between 15 to 16 hours a day.

-Babies between 4 months to 6 months sleep 9-12 hours at night + 2 naps ( 2 -3 hours each)

-Babies between 6months to 9 months sleep 11-12 hours at night +2 naps ( 1-2 hours each)

-Babies at 12 months sleep 10-11 hours at night + 2 naps ( 1-2 hours each)

-Babies at 18 months sleep 13 hours at night + 2 naps ( 1-2 hour each)

-Babies at 24 months sleep 11-12 hours at night + 1 nap ( 2 hours)

-Babies at 36 months sleep 10-11 hours at night + 1 nap ( 2 hours)

So whatever your case is, just think that your baby is going to grow really fast and you will leave this phase behind real soon. And even though not getting a proper sleep is hard and It seems like your world is falling apart, you will evolve and adjust to this new situation and need less sleeping hours. You will adjust. 

As Charles Darwin said back in 1859 on his book called "Origin of the species", 

"It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself"

So I Hope you have enjoyed this new post and find some answers to your questions.

Hope to see you all soon.

Co-Owners, State of Baby


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