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Multitasking: a Superpower Developed by Parents

Posted by State of BabY Staff on

In this new post we are going to talk about multitasking and being a parent.

When you become a parent sooner or later you will face some difficulties when it comes to time managing and organizing your daily tasks.

It could be overwhelming, stressful and time consuming when you try to keep up with your daily routines and take care of a baby.

More than once I found myself trying to breastfeed my baby at 2:00 am while I was ordering the weekly grocery items online. Heating a bottle of milk up while I was putting the washer machine with all my baby's spotted bodies because I needed a spare change of clothes for him. Making coffee while I was giving my kid some medicine for the cough. 

At first you will feel like this situation is not sustainable and that you will lose your head eventually. Sometimes you will even think that as much as you try to get things done, there still is a pile of other things waiting to be taken care of (for weeks or even months) and between the bad sleeping and the other hundreds of baby's duties you are not able to take some time to do them.

Well, my friend, get used to it because the first months raising a baby are like that. As new parents the best advice we could give you is to live one day at a time. Only focus on the basic tasks like feeding yourself and the baby, tidy yourself and the baby up and try to get a good sleep (doesn't matter if It is taking shifts, you could check some tips about Baby Sleep on my Post Baby Sleep From 0 to 36 months)

The rest of the things will be managed eventually. 

One day you will get up of the bed and find out that you have most of your tasks done and even have some spare time for a cup of coffee

Like most of the parents you will get the superpower of Multitasking! It is a gift that you will gain after months of dealing with chaos and craziness. 

From the moment you wake up until you go to bed at night, you will not have any rest and you will take advantage of every bit of free time you have to get some of your chores done ( leaving your car to the mechanic in your lunchtime, setting up the dishwasher before leaving to work in the morning and listening to a business podcast while cleaning up the kitchen at night) and you even have more energy and resistance than before becoming a parent.

So for all of you that are facing the beggining of this phase I encourage you to keep up the good work and do not give up because you will get your superpowers of Multitasking!

A huge applause for all those superheroes that take care of their families while trying to keep up with their day a day.

So I Hope you have enjoyed this new post and find some support on my experience.

Hope to see you all soon.

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