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Hi Everyone,

Here we are again trying to keep up with our day a day and taking care of our little angels.

For those days of summer that staying at home becomes impossible, we recommend the following items to make your afternoon (and your baby’s) more fun.

Also, we have our Unicorn Playmat to make your baby’s playdates more comfortable and cozier. You could pick any other different playmats that we have in our online store.

Our silicone Stacking Blocks will help to develop your baby’s coordination and concentration.

You could find more tips on Baby’s toys in our Online store.

Above all, choosing your baby’s toys should be a really important task that you should take really seriously.  We all know kids put everything in their mouths so we should really watch out that toys do not have small pieces or anything dangerous that could interfere in our baby’s safety.

Mentioned that, if we choose toys colorful and full of life, our kid will be inspired with all this new encouragement and could expend hours focus on them.

To finish with this short post of tips, you will find that above all, your baby really enjoys playing hide and seek. It is said that at early stages, babies are fascinated on how things appear and disappear so why not give them this satisfaction and play with them all the afternoon to their favorite game?


Hope to see you all soon.


Best regards.

Co-Owners, State of Baby


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