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The blog is back!!

Posted by State of BabY Staff on

Hey there!

From now on we will publish weekly a special entry in our blog.

This blog is dedicated to share some tips and personal experiences in our day a day to bring some comfort and confidence to all of those parents that like us, work 24/7 taking care of their children and most of them work employed by others too.

Being a parent is one of the best decisions you could ever take in you life but sometimes you could feel overwhelmed because of the many responsibilities that come with the territory . 

Parenthood is one of the most exhausting jobs you could ever experience. When you become a parent, you also become a doctor, a nurse, a gourmet Cook, psychologist, Circus gamer, fortune teller, etc.

More than once we wished we could have a baby's handbook to have all the answers to our doubts about parenting. That is why we decided to open a blog where we could share personal experiences and baby products suitable and effective for each phase of their growth.

So stick around for more tips and product recommendations and do not miss this opportunity.

Hope to see you around!

Best regards.

Co-Owners, State of Baby



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