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We See YOU, Parents and Parents-to-be (April 2020)

Posted by Eleanor Docherty on

Hey there,

We’ve have been umming and ahhing about whether we should reach out to you all given the current state of the world, but as mothers, we know there is a lot us parents are dealing with right now.  And we want you to know, we see you.

To the parents-to-be who are due soon, we see you.

To the parents who have a little babe or two (or three or even more!), we see you.

To the grandparents who can’t see your grandkids at the moment, we see you.

To those of you who have family or friends who have been affected directly by the pandemic due to illness or financial hardship, we see you.

Before all this, we already spent our days trying to keep our kids safe.  And now, we are all surrounded by uncertainty.  We already questioned every move we made as parents.  And now, we worry twice as much. 

We know many of you may have baby showers planned, playdates booked, adventures waiting or just want to spend some time with your loved ones because we all need that support.

No matter what your situation, remember that it’s ok to take a moment each day for yourself.  Take an hour to read a book, have a bath, Netflix alone to chill or have a nap.  To be the strong parents we are, we need to take time to look after ourselves as well, so try to find those moments each day as they help push us forward in these unknown times.

This situation will change the world as we know it and while we are all isolating and dealing with our individual problems, we are united in our support of each other.  Hopefully when all of this has dissipated, the world might be an even better place than it was a few months ago.

So from both of us Moms here at State of Baby (in our respective and socially distanced homes of course), we see YOU

We send you all our love and know that we are thinking of each of you and wishing you nothing but good health and some peace over the coming weeks and months.


Deborah and Eleanor xx

Co-Founders, State of Baby



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