About State of Baby
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About State of Baby

Hello and welcome to State of Baby!

We’re Deborah and Eleanor and we’re two sisters who know a thing or two about living in a constant state of baby with three children between us. 

Having learnt to adjust to a new life with our beautiful bubs, we wanted to provide new Mums with beautiful and quality baby products perfect for the state of feed, play, sleep, carry or wear.

We love curating the most beautiful and practical baby goods just for you to make your life in a state of baby as easy can be – with everything you need in one place!


Feeding your baby is a huge milestone, but it’s also a lot of work.  Feeding is messy, time consuming but most of all, it’s very important.  We’ve chosen the cutest and most practical feeding tools so you’ll have them at your disposal as you give your baby their first taste of all the yummy foods the world has to offer!


Definitely the most fun is had with your baby when they are in a state of play because you can see them learning and exploring the world around them.  Watching them grow and develop is rewarding and nothing beats seeing them smile as they learn something new.  Our Play range is all about tummy time, fun, and learning.



The saying ‘never wake a sleeping baby’ is true because all any parent ever wants is for their baby to sleep so they can get some shut eye themselves!  While we don’t have the magic antidote for baby sleep, we DO have the most luxurious and gorgeous sleep products for you to dream about when you eventually nod off.


The biggest concern for any new parent is what will happen when I’m out and about and I’ve forgotten to bring X, Y and Z (and the kitchen sink!).  We have a gorgeous collection of bags to make sure you are prepared for anything your baby might throw your way.  And with a well-stocked easy access bag, you can get up and go confidently as you know you will have everything you could possibly need at your fingertips.


Possibly the one thing every parent gets excited about is how will they dress their baby as much like your own outfit, your baby’s clothing reflects their personality.  We have selected only the most beautiful clothing for you to choose from that will ensure your baby is the trendiest child at the playground.

State of Baby is for people no matter what stage of baby life they are at – pregnant, with a newborn or with a little toddler.

We hope you love our store as much as we do.

Deborah and Eleanor xx

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