State of Baby Reusable Diaper Inserts - Microfiber (4 pieces)
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Reusable Diaper Inserts - Microfiber (4 pieces)

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Being an Eco Mama can be hard particularly when you're living in a State of Poop, but we have you covered with our Reusable Microfiber Diaper Inserts.

Did you know the average baby uses 1,500-1,800 diapers in just one year which can cost over $600 but by using reusable diapers and our microfiber inserts, your baby will not only be comfy and dry but you'll be saving money AND the environment at the same time.

Why State of Baby loves them:

  • Super absorbent and soft
  • Made with three layers, so the microfiber insert isn't bulky in the diaper
  • Dry quickly making them perfect for winter or humid summers
  • Pair with bamboo inserts as a night time booster.
  • Easy to wash – just pop them in the washing machine or soak them
  • One size fits all
  • Invest now and save money later

Night time use:

As your baby grows and changes so too will their absorbency needs. For night time protection or heavy wetters, we recommend boosting absorbency by combining our microfiber insert with one of our Resuable Bamboo Inserts

It is advisable to place the microfiber closest to the baby as it absorbs quicker.  The Bamboo insert will then hold onto moisture and help prevent leaks.  Always place the microfiber insert inside the pocket and away from the baby's skin since it can cause dryness and irritation if it directly touches the baby's skin.

How many diapers do I need:
  • Newborn to 4 months – 20-30 diapers
  • Infant (4 to 10 months) – 20-25 diapers
  • Toddler (over 10 months) – 15-20 diapers

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