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Burp Cloths Sets (9 styles)

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These cute burp cloth sets are perfect for new babies and let's be honest, you'll need them at the ready 24/7! 

Burp cloths help to protect you from spit-up and they can also wipe up milk spills, sneezes or anything else your beautiful bundle of joy may send your way!

They are perfect for anyone getting ready to be in a State of Baby!

Why State of Baby loves them:

  • They're made from bamboo cotton
  • They're double-sided - a gorgeous pattern on one side and classic white on the other
  • So many cute pattern sets to choose from, however will you choose!
  • They come in sets of two so you'll always have one spare if the other is dirty
  • They're the perfect size to throw over your shoulder - 60cm x 55cm x 16cm

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