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Wet Bags (various styles)

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When you're out and about the last thing you want to deal with is wet diapers, but with our Wet Bags, you'll have just the thing for when you're in a State of Poop and on the go!

Our Wet Bags are waterproof with a small zippered compartment for storing clean diapers and a larger compartment for the wet or dirty diapers.

Why State of Baby loves them:

  • It's the only thing you'll need before you walk out the door - keep it stocked up with diapers and wipes and be ready for a day out!
  • Made from polyester so they're waterproof
  • Easy to clean, with a zipper to keep all the wetness on the inside, not on the outside
  • Reusable which is good for the environment, so no need for one use plastic nappy bags
  • The perfect size at approximately 15.5in x 12in (40cm x 30cm)
  • Holds approximately 5 - 7 cloth diapers